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Dosing Pumps

Our Knowledge & Experience
Dencil Pumps & Systems Pvt.Ltd. an ISO 9001-2008 company started manufacturing various types of Dosing Pumps almost two decades ago with their own design and other facilities.  Over a period of time, we have  grown into the system manufacturing organisation for Dosing, Additives and different types of chemicals.  We are in the forefront in supplying and erecting Additive Dosing System, Ethanol Dosing System, Blue Dye Dosing System and other Dosing Systems for different oil depots and chemical industries. 

This journey had gone beyond India and few systems have been supplied and erected in African countries.  Besides our pumps have been supplied and installed in various countries including USA, Middle East and Africa.  Recently we have developed an import substitute of High Pressure and High Voloume Furnace Oil Ejecting Pump for  application in a leading large scale sector.  Dencil Pumps besides expanding also focussed in saving the valuable foreign exchange for our country.
Our pumps
Plunger Pumps
are positive displacement pumps that "displace" a given amount of fluid on each cycle stroke of operation .The reciprocating motion of a plunger, with a ball check valves on each side of the pump body,
Our Systems
Automatic Dosing / Blending System Liquid Blending / Dosing Systems
( Automatic / Semi Automatic)
1. Additive Injection System
2. Acid / Alcholic Dosing System
3. Slurry Dosing System
4. Blue Dye Injection System
Our pumps
    - Liquid Flow Meter
    - Gas Flow Meter
    - Mass Flow Meter
    - Turbine Meter
    - Digital Control Valve
    - Solenoid operated Valve
    - Pressure Relief Valve